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Yammer is Making Executives Cool Again

Have you heard about the all-important Yammer platform? Well if you haven’t, Yammer is a productivity platform enabling small, medium, and large organizations to be more flexible in responding to the rapid shift of today’s competitive marketplaces.  Here is an...


Yammer: Redefining Productivity

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing business world, you need solutions that help keep teams productive and efficient. Companies today, with employees scattered across many locations and time zones, and using different types of devices, need ways to stay connected, communicate in...


Helping Companies Do Business…Better

Yammer is a unique social networking service that is turning ordinary offices into hot spots for productivity. It is an enterprise collaboration tool that eases communications between team members, allowing organizations to streamline communication, boost productivity, and satisfy customers faster...


Yammer: From Communications to Competitive Conversations

Yammer is taking communication to another level when it comes to crowdsourcing, updating, and sharing ideas within a company.  By allowing these smarter, faster ways to collaborate and connect, Yammer is quickly becoming a hit among businesses large and small. So...


Adoption as a Service: Putting People First

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is best described as a pay-as-you-go software managed by a remote creator, and hosted on cloud systems. Often used most prolifically by Human Resources Management (HRM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), or by departments that...


Effective Communication in the Modern Workplace

Effective internal communications is a critical function that supports the goals of an organization, yet few companies appreciate its value or allocate resources to manage necessary processes. Lack of communication between management and staff is the one of the biggest mistakes companies...