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About Us

We believe in what we do. Really.

The plat4m group is a Prosci® licensed change management, communications, and IT practice, focused on creating transformative, ‘sticky’ experiences for businesses, education, and non-profits.

Embracing Digital

We believe technology can create balanced, meaningful work/life moments. We embrace the impact digital productivity has on the workplace and on the world.

Teamwork & Culture

There’s no “I” in “team”. We love to build on the ideas of others to create success for our customers. Our culture thrives on diversity of thought, self and work.


We want to fundamentally shift the way the world works. Our values hinge on our ability to be responsive to ourselves and to others. Visit ResponsiveOrg to learn more and join the movement.

Our Skills & Expertise

At the plat4m group, we ‘work like a gig’. Wherever the need is, we find those who can help meet it…from anywhere in the world. How cool to have someone from Atlanta working with someone from Des Moines to create success for your business in Alaska? We love working with new people on fun engagements.


Our strengths lie in 4 core areas: Organizational Change Management, Corporate Communications, Human Resources Management and Information Technology. While these are the heavyweights on our team, we bring experts from a diverse set of functions and industries to your engagement. A few are highlighted down below.

Change Management
75 %
Human Resources Management
64 %
Corporate Communications
83 %
Information Technology
52 %
Adoption and Change Consultant
Steven C.

Steven brings deep enterprise change management experience to our team, specifically in the technology space. He loves working with customers who are open and ready to create a better work experience for their people.

Senior Community Manager
Alex M.

Got an enterprise social community that needs igniting? Alex is your rockstar! She brings to our team years of experience launching, growing and managing enterprise social communities across multiple platforms (e.g. yammer, chatter, jive, slack).

Organizational Change Consultant
Darnell H.

Darnell's expertise hones in on the nuances involved with organizational transformations. His keen ability to help companies seamlessly shift to meet ever-changing competitive demands is just one reason he is in great demand with our clients.

Senior Customer Success Manager
Anna C.

Anna is a seasoned customer success expert. She is passionate about helping customers envision and own their success, while holding their hand along the journey. She won't stop pushing her clients or herself until she's helped achieved 100% satisfaction.

Senior Writer
Iman M.

A mission, a quality product or service, and great staff are fundamentals of business success, but without the right words to communicate, no business can thrive. Iman’s an experienced writer, creating solutions for a wide range of businesses who want what they write to reflect the quality of what they do.

founder and managing director
Stefani B.

Stefani loves a great cup of coffee in the morning before putting on her cape and tackling her clients' biggest challenges.

About me
Technology Managing Partner
Mark F.

Mark is passionate about Productivity and helping organizations of all sizes leverage technology to create a higher leverage of Collaboration and effectiveness. With 15+ years experience, Mark loves implementing technology, team building, project management, process improvement, and operations analysis.

We’re ready to join YOUR journey. Contact us today!