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In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, you need solutions that help keep teams productive and efficient. Companies today, with employees scattered across many locations and time zones, and using different types of devices, need ways to stay connected, communicate in the moment and share information.


Yammer is redefining productivity in the modern workplace. With Yammer, your teams can collaborate, connect and communicate easily with intuitive features and advanced functionality that helps get work done right.


Flexibility For Any Format

No matter the size of your company or business, Yammer lets your organization be more agile, ready to respond to ever-evolving situations. This flexibility allows for better decision-making based on easily accessible insights, data, and team members. When you need to pivot, Yammer makes sure you end up going in the right direction.


Yammer uses the best features and functions of social communication and sharing tools with the world’s leading workplace software suite. Yammer brings together and leverages these tools to allow for real-time, dynamic collaborative work.


Here are just a few of the key features that make Yammer the right choice of agile communications:


  • Integrated with Microsoft Office. Yammer lets users use familiar features and functionality of commonly used Office programs. With the integrated Office Online tool, users can co-author documents, preview and edit with automatic save functions, change tracking and version management. Yammer also allows users to share and discuss data and information from other communication and collaboration tools, including Delve, SharePoint, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and more.
  • Group Management. Yammer lets you build and manage work and project teams. Yammer offers centralized tools and workspaces. Teams or communities can share and track files, participate in conversations, and provide updates.
  • Flexible Roles Management. In today’s complex businesses, teams include company and freelance employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, advisors, consultants, and other external partners. Keeping these teams together and working collaboratively has never been more important. With Yammer, external groups and networks can be built to foster better collaboration, a strong sense of community, and deeper working relationships.
  • Communications Preferences. For team members working on many projects in various stages of completion, Yammer helps prioritize. The Yammer inbox and notification tools help make sure that important messages are prioritized and seen by those who need it. Announcements, news, updates and messages can be flagged, sorted and acted on quickly and efficiently.
  • Search Functionality. Complex projects could have hundreds or thousands of files, messages, versions, file types, senders, users, editors and creators. Yammer has a powerful search tool that lets you find what you need quickly without wasting time scrolling through directories and opening files.
  • Discover What You Need. The Discovery tool lets everyone using Yammer to keep up on the latest advances, news, information or progress. Personalized results let you quickly build on the work of others and improve, comment or advance others’ work and insights.
  • Build Your Team … or Join One. Yammer includes social intelligence functions that can provide suggestions for people or groups to join or invite to work on your project.


Yammer is a powerful tool that is used by 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Help your team build teams, collaborate, share information and work together to create sound solutions to today’s complex business issues. With Yammer, your teams will be more productive, develop stronger work relationships, and tap into talent throughout the organization and beyond.


Ready to launch your Yammer network? Contact the plat4m group. As a recognized Microsoft Yammer Adoption Specialist Partner, we have the proven expertise your business needs to ‘work like a network’ in today’s modern workplace.

Stefani Butler

I am the founder and managing director at the plat4m group, a global IT, Communications and Change Management firm. My team is passionate about helping businesses, educators and non-profits navigate through the often difficult changes involved with organizational and technological transformations. You can follow me on Twitter at @ButlerStefani and @theplat4mgroup, and on each of those respective Facebook pages.

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