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Yammer is a unique social networking service that is turning ordinary offices into hot spots for productivity. It is an enterprise collaboration tool that eases communications between team members, allowing organizations to streamline communication, boost productivity, and satisfy customers faster than ever before.


This intraoffice social networking app is making companies more competitive, faster on their feet, and better able to differentiate their products from that of their competition.


As a productivity platform, Yammer is scalable to any size organization and is enabling companies to become more responsive to rapidly changing market conditions by accelerating intra-office communications.


The fast-paced nature of industry via the Internet can engage disparate professionals on a common project- creating spontaneous teams. These teams can be made of any given set of individuals within a workforce. This can, and does, create a lot of problems for companies- and these are the kinds of problems that Yammer is designed to fix.


As is often the case with content collaboration, team members frequently end up duplicating each other’s work unless they are able to communicate rapidly and accurately. Sometimes projects can be spread out over several team members who may or may not even work in the same room, floor, or building. Yammer allows companies to connect individuals and teams no matter where in the organization they are located based on a subject, a project, a goal- or according to any pentameter necessary. Teams can quickly organize, communicate, and make meaningful decisions much more quickly than ever before.


Yammer allows companies to find the information they’re looking for when they need it, seamlessly connecting data and people all across an organization into teams that management probably never even knew existed, making it much easier to move a project or goal forward.


Intraorganizational groups using Yammer are able to help individual members and offices to stay in the loop on any topic, making it easy for groups to stay up to date with work going on across an entire team, to solve problems and identify winning ideas without a lot of time-consuming exchanges.


Features that Make Yammer Special


Yammer works like an internal search engine that connects teams, offices, and individuals according to the markers of pertinent information and documents. Using Yammer, companies can now search for specialized expertise, specific files, and group conversations. Individuals can optimize their inboxes to prioritize items by relevance and access discovery feeds to stay up to date on important projects and topics via a user-friendly interface with robust capabilities.


Managers can easily start group projects and assign teams which can then share ideas, questions, and updates with each other seamlessly. Admin. can assign group privacy settings to control access to sensitive information. It allows select members to collaborate with external groups whether they are customers or partners. All members can upload files and discuss them in an organized fashion.


While all of this may not be unusual for a social media application, it is unusual to find capabilities like these outside of very technical and specialized Linux and IBM networks. What’s more, Yammer makes it possible to access all of these advanced features through any Windows machine and just about any piece of mobile technology. That means teams can be fully interconnected no matter where they are.


It’s an innovation in business-focused social media that is allowing Yammer’s clients to outpace their less well-equipped competition.


Launching, growing and sustaining your Yammer network is easy with the plat4m group. As a recognized Microsoft Yammer Adoption Specialist Partner, we have the proven expertise your business needs to ‘work like a network’ in today’s modern workplace.






Stefani Butler

I am the founder and managing director at the plat4m group, a global IT, Communications and Change Management firm. My team is passionate about helping businesses, educators and non-profits navigate through the often difficult changes involved with organizational and technological transformations. You can follow me on Twitter at @ButlerStefani and @theplat4mgroup, and on each of those respective Facebook pages.

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