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Yammer: From Communications to Competitive Conversations

Yammer is taking communication to another level when it comes to crowdsourcing, updating, and sharing ideas within a company.  By allowing these smarter, faster ways to collaborate and connect, Yammer is quickly becoming a hit among businesses large and small. So if sharing files, communicating, or working together in an organized group is a part of your daily business operations, Yammer is the tool you need to keep your business ahead of the competition.



What Is Yammer?


Yammer is essentially a social network that operates as the fabric throughout Microsoft’s Office 365 ecosystem. It uses other collaboration tools within Office 365 and helps companies communicate and collaborate easier. In this context, Yammer can easily become the hub for your team’s collaboration efforts. For example: Yammer discussions allow teams to create meetings/appointments via Outlook, access their OneDrive for Business when it comes to creating/sharing collaborative documents, and switch to Skype for Business if a full-fledged video meeting is necessary.


Yammer: From Communications to Competitive Conversations


Without a doubt, Yammer is a major collaboration app driven to boost effortless and productive team collaboration. With Microsoft’s vision of a cloud and mobile first enterprise coming to life via Yammer, teams can use one virtual location to access several applications. Regardless of the distance, if your company needs to hold a video conference, brainstorm, or share documents in real time, Yammer is the solution to your productivity/communication problems.


Yammer: Collaborating Beyond Your Network


Although Yammer does an impressive job when it comes to helping companies collaborate and brainstorm internally, Yammer can also benefit your communication efforts with customers, suppliers, and external partners. For example: Whenever companies communicate with suppliers and partners, they tend to only exchange phone calls and several emails. Sadly, these lines of communication tend to get buried (or possibly lost) in voicemails or an email inbox.


However, Yammer allows teams to create an online workspace that is dedicated to communicating and collaborating with outside organizations. By opening this line of communication through Yammer, businesses can receive the feedback from customers, suppliers, and partners in real time to receive immediate results to benefit their brand/product/idea. In addition to these perks, establishing a dedicated line of communication allows businesses outside of your company to adapt and respond to the changes you make without lag.


Yammer: Powerful Collaboration Capabilities At Your Fingertips


The abilities of Yammer may seem overwhelming, but the application remains user-friendly so that anyone in your circle can participate and chime in on a meeting with little instruction beforehand. So when considering the wide range of functions and options Yammer can offer for a business, it might make one spend time wondering how Yammer could have increased productivity in brainstorm sessions of the past.


Ready to launch your Yammer network? Contact the plat4m group. As a recognized Microsoft Yammer Adoption Specialist Partner, we have the proven expertise your business needs to ‘work like a network’ in today’s modern workplace.





Stefani Butler

I am the founder and managing director at the plat4m group, a global IT, Communications and Change Management firm. My team is passionate about helping businesses, educators and non-profits navigate through the often difficult changes involved with organizational and technological transformations. You can follow me on Twitter at @ButlerStefani and @theplat4mgroup, and on each of those respective Facebook pages.

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