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Adoption as a Service: Putting People First

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is best described as a pay-as-you-go software managed by a remote creator, and hosted on cloud systems. Often used most prolifically by Human Resources Management (HRM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), or by departments that deal directly in collaborative communication systems, such as email or direct messaging, SaaS was born out of the cloud era in response to outdated, on-premise thinking.


What is Adoption as a Service®?


Adoption as a Service® is our solution to the growing number of concerns raised by users of the SaaS model. Adoption as a Service® focuses on maintaining customer success through creating tailored, bespoke systems that measure and track the end-users usage of the adopted software.


The benefits of SaaS


For many innovative businesses relying on data, communication and strong client relationships, SaaS has been the answer to slow, inflexible 20th century technology operations for the past decade or so. Why so popular? SaaS has offered forward-thinking business with a number of solutions, such as: lower costs of entry; manageable, structured payment systems; automatic updates and upgrades by remote hosts; easy scalability for successfully expanding businesses; accessible from anywhere (cloud-based); simple to understand and use; no time wasted on costly and timely in-house training sessions.


With all of these benefits on offer, you may be wondering why we are posing Adoption as a Service® to be a “solution” to SaaS, which is why it is important to factor in the drawbacks and shortcomings of SaaS models.


The shortcomings of SaaS


While SaaS is the basis for industry cloud computing tools such as Office 365, which have exponentially increased the productivity and motivation levels of workforces worldwide, it is clear that SaaS hosts have spent a limited amount of time and care taken on their end users engagement. SaaS models have failed to consider how difficult and alien Change Management is to the average small-to-medium business and, insofar, have overlooked the fact that many businesses in the habit of employing on-premise thinking do not make the leap between using hardware and software to fully making the most of cloud-based applications and possibilities.


As a result, as updates, upgrades and added applications become available on cloud systems, old thinking prevents business owners and employees from keeping up to date with the new technology.
This is where Adoption as a Service® comes in.


Adoption as a Service = Always achieving absolute Success


Adoption as a Service® champions the idea that, although SaaS models offer a giant, technological step forward for business across the world, the void in understanding how to interact with regular updates and functionalities is a massive shortfall to the SaaS model.


In response to this, our Adoption as a Service® model is based on the idea that, as long as customer success (and the customer’s needs and desires) is addressed at every stage of the implementation and communication with the client, end users will feel confident and familiar with processes that were previously alien and obscure to them.


By offering the adopters of cloud-based systems the opportunity to understand, intimately, the ins and outs of their own cloud-based platforms, and providing end users with measurable, long-term customer success management, Adoption as a Service® provides a solution to SaaS systems that assume end users know everything there is to know about cloud-based systems from square one of their technological journey.


Our five-step process, fondly known as the 5 A’s, is our approach to helping businesses begin to connect Adoption as a Service® with SaaS implementations. Visit Our Process to learn more and Contact Us to schedule your initial consultation.

Stefani Butler

I am the founder and managing director at the plat4m group, a global IT, Communications and Change Management firm. My team is passionate about helping businesses, educators and non-profits navigate through the often difficult changes involved with organizational and technological transformations. You can follow me on Twitter at @ButlerStefani and @theplat4mgroup, and on each of those respective Facebook pages.

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